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Green Canteen – Who we are?

Green Canteen Private Limited is a leading Manufacturer of Raw, healthy & unprocessed food items having APEDA, Spice Board, HALAL, FDA and FSSAI License. To promote health and awareness among the international consumers, Green canteen joined hands with Sunrise Agriland for distribution of herbs & plant based extracts.

Green Canteen is a team of passionate people who believe being healthy is our natural birth right. Health is also a choice and decision made by individuals by eating right, exercising daily and taking proper sleep & rest. Food habits play a large role in individual’s health and by offering live, unprocessed & unpasteurized products, we believe we can impact thousands of lives in a positive way.

Green Canteen mission is to spread this knowledge and empower the people with healthy products & services where they can start taking care of themselves. To create the world where people are slim, fit & energetic. To create the world where losing weight, prevention & reversal of life style diseases become possible. Green canteen mission is to provide – Vibrant health in your hands. Green Canteen is a provider of life giving real foods. Our foods are perishable. They are free of any processing, pasteurization, adulteration and microwaving radiation. Sometimes they have a limited shelf life, but that's how real foods are supposed to be. Because they are made of unprocessed ingredients, they are extremely yummy as well.

When you are buying a green canteen product, be assured that you are buying a real life giving food.We have especially taken care of taste as well so that you can make these products a part of your life style. Apart from your taste buds, each cell of your body will thrive on these foods. Your body will silently thank you for taking care of it so well!

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Sunrise Business Profile

Sunrise Agriland Development and Research Private Limited is a leading Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer and Service Provider Organization dealing in natural and organic food and personal care products having ISO 9001:2008, CRISIL, APEDA, Spice Board, NPOP, USDA, QEC-UKAS & SGS Organic Certifications. The company made its humble beginning in 2007 with a goal to provide people with a healthier life through producing and manufacturing 100% organic and herbal personal care and food products. The company has been successful in offering high quality and chemical free products to the customers in order to fulfill their needs and wants. The deployment of modernized equipment and large production capacity has supported the business growth while full utilization of experienced agriculturalists and ethical business practices has enlarged the distribution network.

Sunrise Company offers natural organic products to its customers through processing and semi-processing without compromising the product quality and natural ingredients. The expert team is committed to deliver quality assurance to its clients by adopting effective techniques in Research & Development and Production. The focus of the Sunrise team is on quality control, marketing, sales, processing and Extension with an objective to bring prosperity to the agriculturists at local as well as international level. Sunrise meets out its standards which are confirmed by the Independent audits. The company also has its own labs, microbiologists and Botanists who check and ensure that there are no chemicals involved in the products at any stage.