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Do You Really Know What “Going Green” Means?

  • Published On: 2019-02-19 09:53:10
  • By: superadmin
Do You Really Know What “Going Green” Means?

“Going Green” as clichéd as it sounds, is a slogan we’ve heard and seen everywhere from the tellies to the internet. Yet, the impact it’s had among the masses isn’t as extensive as the energy put into the campaigns. While there are a number of things you can do to contribute to the planet, what we must remember is that this isn’t just a hashtag, but a lifestyle choice – and a good one. The motivation to embrace such a lifestyle comes from truly understanding the “why’s” rather than being a sheep that follows trends. One of the key things to understand is that we are not helping the planet. We are simply doing ourselves a huge favour by approaching a minimalistic and a healthy lifestyle. “Nature doesn’t need people – people need nature; nature would survive the extinction of the human being and go on just fine, but human culture, human beings, cannot survive without nature” – Harrison Ford Since “What’s in it for me?” is the common human language, we’ve put together some of the common yet crucial reasons to Go Green: 1) The human body needs ‘real’ food All of us have some, if not a great idea about the chemicals, antibiotics and the hormones that go into our daily consumption such as milk, veggies and meat. Switching to an organic, unprocessed diet directly translates to increased vitamins and antioxidants. Not just that, you’re contributing to a greater cause by simply making the right choices. Fresh food equals reduced packaging and energy consumption to process foods. Takeaway: Go local and eat seasonal, organic food to enjoy freshness, taste and improved personal health. 2) A penny saved is a penny earned An age-old saying that still holds true, can be applied to how we use energy in our daily lives by simply fixing the small stuff. From installing solar panels to cut electricity costs by almost 66% to running a washing machine on full load. Playing energy saving games with your family to spot areas or appliances that are on standby and could be turned off. Tip: Did you know that 90% of a washing machine’s energy is spent on water heating, so washing your clothes at 30-40°C can save you a lot of money. Also, put off the tumble dry option especially during warm or windy weather. 3) How long can you go without drinking water? Apart from saving substantial amounts of money on your water bill, by employing effective plumbing systems, there’s something more significant you’ll be saving – Yes, your life! Water is a non-renewable and the most prized resource on the planet. From protecting the eco-system to sustain life on the planet – the uses of water are infinite. Takeaway: Be mindful of your water use. Deploy low-flow taps, flushes etc. The possibilities are endless even if you were to start with one place like Bathroom, Toilets, Kitchen and so on. 4) Green is less mechanized and more human With automation being the common norm across industries, isn’t it fresh to subscribe to something that has a human touch to it? Besides, you’ll be supporting local business communities Takeaway: Go local, support fair trade and cut transportation costs that come with big brands. 5) Recycling is a creative act One can explore different numerous ways to recycle waste products before you consider throwing them away. This not just makes room for creativity but you’re creating a sustainable living. Besides, there’s a whole industry dedicated to recycling and upcycling waste products. Why not recycle when the planet is recycling everything else for you? Takeaway: There’s plenty of DIY recycling ideas on the internet. Explore and let us know what lifestyle changes you will be incorporating to Go Green and help build the momentum.

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